Author: Dave

Point to Point – A great success

On Saturday 20th June 1st Bedworth had the privilege of organising the District Scout Point to Point. Andy Clarke volunteered to head the organising team and what a great job he did! Andy was well supported by a large number of adults from 1st Bedworth both before the event and on the day demonstrating the sort of teamwork that makes 1st Bedworth the successful Scout Group it is. On the day the 1st Bedworth team was joined by a number of Leaders from some of the other groups in Nuneaton District who made a big contribution to the success of the event on the day.

Six teams entered the event, two of which were from 1st Bedworth.  Despite some interesting  navigational decisions from some of the teams and some very challenging weather conditions all of the teams covered most of the 8.5 km route, completing a number of challenges on the route.

The icing on the cake for the 1st Bedworth Leaders was that our team from Haddon Troop (girls) won the event and Wilson’s team (lads) were third placed. Well done both teams ‘you did 1st Bedworth proud’


Bag Packing at Morrisons Holyhead Road

On Sunday 10th May nearly thirty members of 1st Bedworth bag packed at Morrisons’  Holyhead  Road  store. Those bag packing included Scouts, Explorers and Adults. During the day we received lots of pleasing positive feedback from customers and staff. The store was very busy and we raised a fantastic sum of £1263.98.Well done everyone!

We would to thank all of the staff for allowing us to bag pack at the store and for being so friendly and welcoming  and the customers for being so generous.

Bag Packing at Morrisons – Hinckley

We are very pleased with the result of today’s bag packing at Hinckley Morrisons . The team of youngsters and leaders earned a  brilliant £890.99. Well done everyone! We would to thank all of the staff for allowing us to bag pack and today’s customers for being so generous.


Saint George’s Day Parade 2015

Around 70 members of 1st Bedworth , including Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and adults, took part in Nuneaton District’s annual Saint George’s Day parade on Sunday 19th April. This year’s parade was held in Wolvey and was organised by 1st Wolvey Scout Group. What a fantastic job 1st Wolvey did to ! The parade this year has got to be one of the best ever. We were treated to a great reenactment of the legend of Saint George by the youngster’s from 1st Wolvey, followed after the presentations , by an excellent display from Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service. The parade was held outdoors and 1st Wolvey even arranged for the weather to stay dry.

All of the youngsters behaved brilliantly and were a credit to Scouting – It really was a case of ‘Proud to Scout’

The Coventry Telegraph carried great coverage and loads of photo’s of the parade. Click here to see the report

Bag Packing at Tesco Bedworth

On Saturday  11th April and Sunday 12th April over thirty  Scouts, Explorers and Adults from 1st Bedworth were out in force to bag pack at the Tesco store in Bedworth. On Saturday they worked in two four hour shifts and on Sunday they worked in two three hour shifts. Many of the youngsters worked a shift on both days. The management and staff  were welcoming and friendly and we would like to thank them very much for giving us this opportunity to raise funds  in their store. We are also truly grateful  to the generous people of the Bedworth  area who donated a fantastic £2088.03 to our funds. Everyone looked very smart and worked very hard and they were a real credit to Scouting & 1st Bedworth in particular. We received lots of positive feedback from members of the public which was great. Our next bag pack is at Morrison’s at Hinckley which is on Saturday 2nd May.

Scout Digital Maker Camp


On Saturday 28th March fifteen Scouts arrived at the Scout Hut ready and eager to complete the Digital Maker Stage Two Activity Badge. They were in for a great weekend which involved an overnight stay at the Scout Hut with the badge finishing on Sunday afternoon. This badge has only just been released by ‘Headquarters’ so this was the first time we had tacked the badge. The requirements for the badge are:

  1. Connect two devices and exchange data between them using WiFi,
    Bluetooth or a cable.
  2. Show that you can use two different platforms or operating systems. They could be systems that run different devices such as computers,  tablets, phones or games consoles.
  3. Design a game:
    • Make a cartoon, animation or video of a game using a video camera or other equipment.
    • Create some pseudo code to explain how some parts of your game will work. Pseudo code is an instruction for the computer to follow, but is not written in a specific language.
    • Design a sequence of a game, like a whole level or an in-game puzzle.
  4. Design a single page website. You can use a design tool but writing HTML code would be fine too.
  5. Create a set of instructions for a programmable Robot, turtle or toy to

Under the guidance of Andy & Ryan, who are 1st Bedworth  leaders and who are both I.T, Professionals, the Scouts threw themselves into the challenges that the badge presented. All of the Scouts passed the badge with flying colours.Andy & Ryan were supported by a team of 1st Bedworth Leaders who worked with the Scouts, cooked the food and provided transport for the widegame on Saturday night. Yes you read that right we did have a widegame on Saturday night. Every Scout enjoys a good thrash through the woods so on Saturday night everyone took a break from their computer screens for a trip over to Rough Close Scout Campsite. It was a great weekend and one which we will be sure to repeat .

Here is a report from Ben who was one of the Scouts on the weekend.

When I woke up I was raring to get to the Scout Hut and start this camp. When I arrived I dumped my bag in the small hall and ran next door to find out what we were doing over the next 2 days. We…

    1. Made a website for coding technique.
    2. Made network cables for LAN access. ( A wire connecting to the router giving data to your laptop or computer)
    3. Made a storyboard for a games.
    4. Made psuedo code (pronounced sudo code) for games.
    5. Made a short stop-motion video
    6. Last but not least we used different operating system.

If we were ever stuck we would call over one of the leader and they would help us straight away. All of the leaders made the camp lots of fun to attend.

Cub Ghosthunt Success

Well done to Logan & Jack who won the Cub Ghosthunt last Saturday night and claimed the Alan Flavell Trophy for First Bedworth Walton Pack.  We are all very proud of you both. Cub Ghosthunt is a District event and Packs from Nuneaton, Bedworth & Bulkington took part on the event. The Cubs had to walk around a route completing challenges and earning points as they went. Challenges on Saturday included balloon rockets, dream catchers, archery, holographic writing, horse shoe hurling , giant jenga, Brazilian head dresses and a bucket ball challenge.  Logan & Jack completed all of these challenges with great skill to win the event but like all of the Cubs on the event they also had a great time.

We would also like to say well done to our Hopkins Pack team of  Rosie, Heather and Drew who also gave their best on the night and were a credit to 1st Bedworth

Scout’s Football Team Success

Hannah, Micheal, Logan, Nathan, Spencer, Paul & Joseph with Sam Marshall (District Commissioner for Nuneaton) and Shaun Marshall (Assistant County Commissioner for Scouts)

Our first success in the competition for a number of years.

We are very proud of our Scouts who entered the District Scout Football Competition on Saturday and played brilliantly to pick up the ‘Runners Up’ Trophy. It’s been a few years since we have had any success at this event, so winning this Trophy is very special. The Scouts behaviour and attitude was excellent and they were brilliant ambassadors for 1st Bedworth and Scouting in general. We would like to thank Chris and his team for their hard work in putting on and running a great event.

Take a bow Hannah, Micheal, Nathan, Logan, Paul, Joseph & Spencer

Also a special well done to Hannah who was 1st Bedworth’s player’s player of the match


Another Picture of the Team

Bag Packing at ASDA Nuneaton

On Sunday 22nd February Scouts, Explorers and Adults from 1st Bedworth were out in force to bag pack at the ASDA Store in Nuneaton. The colleagues at Nuneaton ASDA were welcoming and friendly and we would like to thank them very much for giving us this opportunity to raise funds  in their store. We are truly grateful  to the generous people of the Nuneaton area who donated a fantastic £1237.66 to our funds. Our founder Lord Baden-Powell expected Scouts to earn the money they need through their own honest efforts. This is a principal which still holds true today and is why you will see Scouts bag packing  rather than holding street collections, though of course we will always assist other worthy causes with their street collections or similar. This is the first of a number of Bag Packs we will be doing this year. Look out for us in Bedworth Tesco on Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th April !

Lighting a Fire

I have chosen lighting a fire as because that is the thing I always look forward to doing! When we look for sticks it’s about who can find the most and the biggest ones. There is always a sense of competition. By the time we finished  collecting sticks there is always a pile of sticks as big as a sky scraper.

We all took it in turns to cut the wood into kindling. This is the main job that people want to do, especially me. We hold the knife downwards and slice into the thick dry wood to make firesticks.

When we light the fire everyone lighting matches right, left & centre but no way would the fire burn. Finally we used cotton wool to set it alight. We all sat down next to the fire and were exstatic to finaly see it alight.

That was the first time we did making fires at Scouts and I loved it.

Joseph M

Abseiling & Cooking

I really love abseiling because of the trill and rush of adrenalin, plus it is really cool and fun. I used to hate it before I tried it but now I really love it. I also like hiking & going on long walks. I like adventurous activities, this is because I love sport/.

I also love cooking because it is so funny when you flip something and the fire alarm goes off and there is smoke. I like cooking on fire because even though you can’t make cakes you can makes loads more yummy things. These are some of the reasons I love going to Scouts.


Immy T-F

Cooking Competition

Cooking is my favourite because I can always improve and I can share it once I am finished. Doing competitions helps to improve skill, speed and knowledge while being fun at the same time. You also van see how others cook and present their food, so you can steal ideas and use them yourself.

You can cook anything from an English Breakfast to Bangers & Mash, even scrambled eggs. I like cooking on camping stoves . WE also cook on wood fires. When I make chocolate banana I give them to my sister.

I would like to make cup cakes from scratch. The way to check that boiling potatoes are cooked is to stab them. If they fall of the fork they are cooked ! I love pancakes with golden syrup and lemon juice then rolled up and eaten.

At Scouts we often have noodles or pasta to cook & eat. This is why I like these activities.

Jessica B

Pot Holing

My favourite activity is pot holing. It’s dark and nobody can see anything. It is also really wet and you have to work as a team to navigate your way through the tunnels to find the start again. I like this activity because people easily get lost, and if you have not torch you would have no change of finding anything, including the rest of your team.

One time I went pot holing we searched for glowsticks in the dark. It builds your team skills and helps you to get to know your patrol. You have to squeeze through tight spaces and some of them are not at ground level which makes it harder and more interesting because some of your team struggle to get through.

Faith H


Abseiling & Cooking

Abseiling is my favourite activity at Scouts because it’s really fun. When I was little I hated heights but after I went rock climbing with Scouts I got over my fear. I found that I wanted to do abseiling and crate stacking. I soon found that I likes to do a lot of adventurous activities which are exciting and daring. When abseiling you go down backwards. That’s why abseiling is my favourite activity.

Cooking is another favourite Scout activity because it is a fun and skillful activity, which is a valuable skill for life. I like to cook at homebut can’t do it very often, so I love to do it at Scouts. I always love going to Scouts.

Nicole M

Cooking on Fires

My favourite activity is cooking on fires because I like to try new things. Another reason why I like cooking is because I would like to be a cook. I think that cooking on fires tastes better than in an oven. Cooking is a good skill to have because it will help you in later life. On fires we have cooked sausages , potatoes, fish, pizza and much more to, We have used fires several times but now thanks to cooking on fires I will eat a lot more at home.

Whenever we do coking i get excited because it is my favourite activity. There are several ways to start a fire, such as using flint & steel, rubbing two sticks together or even using matches !

Rose M


My favourite activity is canoeing because you get a bit wet. I liked it when we canoed from Bedworth to Nuneaton.  We did a game where we all got out from our boats and we had to stand on our boats. If you fell of you would have to start all over again.  I went in two different  boats, one was called a canoe and the other was called a kayak. We went on a canoe safari and we stopped off and had a barbeque. One person from the girls group and one person from the boys fell into the horrid dirty water and it was fun.

I struggled to get  to the side when a boat came and i crashed into a bit of a boat and then we carried on. It was a super experience which I enjoyed very much. I will go again but I will make sure I am in a kayak not a canoe

Libby T



Christmas Food

My favourite Scout time was when we made Christmas food. We made snowmen out of marsh mellows , icing & smarties, which were delicious. We also made snowman sup which was made out hot chocolate, marsh mellows and flake. We put the stuff in a bag and sealed it , then we stuck a candy cane on the front.

We also made things that looked like Christmas puddings that turned out amazing. We got some chocolate and broke it up and then put it into the microwave. When it had melted we tipped it into rice crispies and mixed. We made them into balls and put them in the fridge. We waited a while and started to make the icing which was white and place it on top of the rice crispy cake and put a cherry on top,

We also made Christmas cards. I made an Elf hat and eyes. I also used the glitter glue. I wrote it to my mum and dad.

Amy-May O

Winter Camp

I have chosen Winter Camp to write about. I enjoyed going to Bradgate Park and seeing the dear there. I thought the walk there was nice, getting to see the community. Later we went back to camp. We played a game where we  did tasks to earn fake money that we could but magazines and other items with. I played card games with my room mates in our free time. Breakfast and dinner were delicious. It was certainly a memorable camp.

George H

Patrol Fire Night

The activity that I have chosen to write about is a Patrol Night when we had to light a fire with just three matches so that we could cook sausages. We had to collect kindling to light the fire. Our Patrol went out to the green to collect the wood. The good thing about collecting wood was that we got to use our own equipment, and learn skills by ourselves , and get to use them outside the Scout Hut.

We places the dry kindling and dead grass in the fire barrel to start the fire. Unfortunately our Patrol Leader wasted the first two matches by breaking the heads off. I stepped in and struck the last match, then placed it onto the dead grass. After a few minutes a blazing fire was right before our eyes. Dave opened a  pack of sausages and gave us one each to put on the skewer. Finally we started to cook them. Slowly they cooked and were a bit burnt , but they were edible.

Paul G

Scout Expedition Challenge

On Saturday 1st November and Sunday 2nd November, Logan, Ben , Callum, Nicky and Daniel from Wilson Troop and Melanie, Hollie, Anastasia, Amy-May, Emma, Hannah & Kayleigh from Haddon Troop completed their Expedition Challenge.

The Scouts planned their own routes and prepared their route cards and planned their menu before the expedition. Before they set off from the Scout Hut they bought all of their own food and had their kit checked. Both groups were taken by minibus to Willey from where they hikes by a dog legged route to Fiveways Lakes Campsite. On arrival at Fiveways the teams had to pitch their tents and cook their evening meal on expedition stoves. The Scouts were very tired so they were soon in bed as soon as all the work was done. The Scouts rode out a very wet and windy night and it was still raining a little next morning as they were cooking breakfast and striking their tents.  After leaving Fiveways the Scouts hiked via Bulkington back to the Scout Hut.

The Scouts acquitted themselves very well, very often they were outside of their comfort zones but they coped very well and the leadership team are very proud of all of them. During the weekend they had various adventures and got into one or two ‘scrapes’ but they were safe at all times as help was not far away when it was needed.

You can read about their adventures below, written in their own words

On Saturday we arrived at the Scout Hut at 8.45am. We then had to prove to Badger that we had all of the right kit. Once this was proved we waterproofed our bags by lining them with bin bags. We then went shopping for Saturday lunch, Saturday dinner, Sunday breakfast and Sunday lunch. We had £4.00 each to spend. When we had bought everything we picked up our kit and got into the mini and took a ride to Willey. We set off after the girls at 12.05pm, however by 12.35pm we had overtaken them. The girls had previously tried to send us the wrong way. The rest of the trip didn’t go as smoothly though as we took wrong turns multiple times. However we resolved this by asking directions off a lady in Monks Kirby. She pointed us in the right direction meaning that we could make some leeway on the girls group.

We spent a lot of time in Wolvey’s country lanes but this was probably because we kept stopping and resting. We got out of the country lanes by 4.00pm and made our way down to Ashhurst Farm. On the way to the farm we had to go through a mud filled path. After a brush with a barking dog we found the main path with took us to Fiveways which was our campsite for the night

On Sunday we set off from Fiveways on our journey to Bedworth at 10.25am. We made our way to Bulkington via the junction. We went the way that we knew rather than sticking to the route card. This was a bit naughty and we got a ticking off from Stu. We stopped off at the Peugeot garage as we were all desperate to use the toilet. After going through Bulkington we turned into Marston Lane at the Corner House and followed it until the junction with Furnace Road. We then made our way up and around Tesco and into the Scout Hut via the back entrance. Overall it was a very successful expedition. Logan, Ben, Callum, Nicky & Daniel

We got to the Scout Hut on Saturday and went shopping for our food. We then went on a drive out to the middle of nowhere with a map, compass and a G.P.S. We hiked a while and made our first check point. On the way we had told the boys the wrong direction. When we crossed over a bridge two dogs came running towards us and they scared us at first until we saw their owner and realised that they just wanted to play. On the final part of the journey we made a wrong turn and ended up in a ploughed field but with a little help from Woody we made it to the pick up point where we boarded the bus to take us to 5ways where we were camping for the night. We had hiked from Willey to Fiveways which had taken us just over five hours. On Sunday we struck our tents which were very wet. We started our journey towards Bulkington leaving the camp site at just after 10.00am. When we had been walking just over an hour the nice leaders gave us some supplies of water and chocolate bars. When we got to Nicholas Chamberlaine School which was open for a football match we had a loo break, when we got back to the hut we were happy to find that we had beaten the boys back. Melanie

I enjoyed getting lost because I just talked. The worst part was putting the tent up. Food was key on this expedition. I got lost in Tesco and I got lost in a field too, I had a lot of fun. We were spotted by dogs, however they just wanted to play. Hollie

We walked and got lost ending up in a field. We tricked the boys to another place. Hollie got us lost in a field. In the evening Amy-May and I were the last to put our tent up. The next day came and we had breakfast and then we had to put away the tents. It was time to go and we walked until Woody and Richard gave us water and chocolate so we walked faster Anastasia

Me and Hannah went into Tesco’s for hot chocolate and we lost the rest of the group. We finally found them then we walked back to the Scout Hut and started the expedition. On the way to Fiveways we had a few breaks but still we were up forbs walking. Some dogs came with sticks and wanted to play. We got lost in a field because of Hollie. Although we were a bit lost Woody finally saved us although he scared us with his torch. When we got to Fiveways it was dark and we still had to pitch our tents and cook dinner, We were son tired we went to bed and it started to rain. Next day we got woken up by Hollie at a quarter to seven. We set off for the second day. We had to stop off at Nico to go to the toilet. We had some fizzy water and Snickers off the leaders. We beat the boys back to the Scout Hut. Even though we got lost, cold and a little wet we still had a great time Emma

I most enjoyed the walk because we had a lot of fun also I enjoyed getting followed by dogs which were cute. Then we ventured through a lot of fields which were very muddy. After a while we got lost thanks to Hollie Hannah

I enjoyed putting up my tent with Melanie. I really didn’t enjoy sleeping on Saturday night because it was dark and it was very windy and very rainy. I like walking back from Fiveways. Melanie shared her breakfast with me. We had sausages for breakfast.  Kayleigh

I slept with Anastasia.  We ate sweets. We started in Willie. We went shopping. I got lost in Tesco’s. We went into the wrong field. We tricked the boys. We got a minibus. Some dogs came to play. We walked to Fiveways. Amy-May


Cub’s Cyclist Badge

Sunday 27th July

Eight Cubs have just successfully completed their Cub Cyclist Badge. To complete this badge the Cubs had to demonstrate that they new how to carry out basic maintenance on their bikes and how to ride them safely.

The morning started off with the Cubs having their bikes checked to ensure that they were roadworthy and to make any necessary adjustments. Next everyone’s helmet was checked and correctly adjusted/ Cycle helmets are off course basic safety gear and all of the Cubs needed to wear a helmet.  This was followed by an interesting talk on biking history and safety by Rich , our very own ‘Wiggy’. Following Wiggy’s talk the Cubs were split into two groups. One group completed some work sheets on cycle safety while the other group learned how to repair punctures and make how to make  basic adjustments to their bikes. After about thirty minutes the two groups swopped over. Then it was time for a well deserved picnic lunch on the lawn outside the Scout Hut. After lunch with all of the ‘safety stuff’ done it was time for action. It was at this point that Sam arrived and volunteered to go home and fetch a bike and a helmet so she could assist Wiggy with the bike ride. Thanks Sam for being such a good sport

The Cubs then headed out for a bike ridge and a bit of ‘off roading’ The Cubs had a great time and did really well. They returned to the Scout Hut in time for the Tuckshop to be opened so that they could enjoy ice cream. Akela Max organized the day and was very well assisted by Richard, Sam & Paddy.

Well done cubs for working so hard and gaining your badge, and for having fun at the same time.

Scout Canoe ‘Safari’

It was Saturday July 26th and  in glorious sunshine an excited group of eighteen Scouts  gathered on the canal bridge at the bottom of Coalpit Fields Road in Bedworth. Their mission? – to canoe and kayak the eight miles to Thompkinson Road Recreation Ground in Nuneaton. With the sun beating down upon them this was not going to be an easy task. Being true Scouts and 1st Bedworth Scouts at that, nothing could daunt them though.  They were determined to succeed on their mission and navigate the canal through to their destination. In charge of the mission were Kev & Steve,  two of Nuneaton’s finest canoeists, assisted by the ever willing Neil & Stu.

After being fitted out with the appropriate safety gear and plastered in sun cream our adventurers were waved off just after 10.00hrs by a small group of parents and slightly less adventurous leaders. What this group lacked in skill was more than made up for by their drive and determination. The forthcoming adventures held no fear for these lads and lasses as they powered their way along the canal.

At roughly the half way point on their mission this brave band of paddlers landed at a secret location to refuel. After hiding their boats in the jungle at the side of the canal they followed the pathway that led them to their refueling point. Waiting for them was a mouth watering feast prepared for them by Jo & Rich (with just a little bit of help from Woody). Over burgers, sausage and ice cold cans of refreshing pop our brave band exchanged tales of ‘daring do’.  Though tired  you could see the determination in the eyes of these rugged individuals. You just knew  that this mission would be completed come what may.

It wasn’t long before these hardy souls were once more heaving their craft back into the water to continue their mission. For security reasons were cannot reveal further details of the mission except to say that they were saved from an attack by a gang of savage swans thanks to a brilliant decoy mission carried out by Kev’s mum in law.

At around 15.30hrs our gallant band of heroes rounded the bend and hove into sight of the welcoming party in the recreation area, a full thirty minutes ahead of schedule. Mission completed our indefatigable band of paddlers  celebrated their success by enjoying some games such as ‘rafting up’ and swopping from one kayak to another. They were not quite so successful as they hoped at this and quite a few of them ended up in the drink but was a little swim in ‘the Cut’ to them after all they had endured.

At 14.00hrs their transport arrived and they were whisked away to their homes to enjoy a welcome shower and no doubt to regale their families with tales of adventure and close encounters.

Everyone had fun and our plucky Scouts all well & truly earned a ‘One Water Journey’ badge. We would like to thank Kev & Steve for their patience, perseverance and good humour without which this adventure would not have been possible.


Centenary Day

See the photo’s here

See Nuneaton News Article here

On Saturday 3rd May  over two hundred members, friends and family gathered at Rough Close Scout Campsite near Tilehill  Coventry to celebrate 1st Bedworth Scout Group’s Centenary Day. The weather was perfect with a clear blue sky and all of the activities were in place. After months of  careful planning the special day had finally arrived and everyone was ready for action .

After a brief welcome by Matt the event co-ordinator and  Clive our District Commissioner the fun and action were soon underway. For the energetic there was a giant slide, an inflatable assault course, gun carriage racing and pedal cart racing. Anyone who fancied a bit of rough & tumble could have fun on the Rodeo Bull, Demolition Ball, Gladiator Duel and Sumo Wrestling. The mobile climbing wall, run by our very own Bedworth Roped Activities Team (We will let you work out what they are called for short !) , was kept very busy , also  the more adventurous were able to try their hand at crate stacking. Archery , Beat the Buzzer  and  Airball racing were among the activities that  needed a lot of skill to master but didn’t require any degree of real physical effort, perhaps that’s why they proved so popular with Paddy and many of the other veterans who were present on the day.

More traditional activities were also available. Two of the  most popular of these were the crafts area and  twist making. The crafts were provided by members of our County Active Support  Unit who were described by one of our Beavers as the “Craft Masters’ which I think is a brilliant and well deserved title. For the uninitiated Twists are made from a dough mix which is twisted around a stick or skewer and then cooked over the embers of an open wood fire before finally being enjoyed with jam or chocolate spread.

The activities ran  from 10.00am until 5.00pm with just a short break for a buffet lunch. The lunch  was gallantly prepared by |a group of willing volunteers and one or two others who I believe may have been ‘press ganged’ . I think they were a bunch of heroes, preparing sandwiches for over two hundred people plus  all of the extra little bits that go to make a good buffet is no mean task . I must say they accomplished this with  great aplomb and they have my undying gratitude . When activities ceased at 5.00pm out came the BBQ’s and everyone enjoyed cooking their own food and having a little time to relax.

After the BBQ some of our day visitors headed for home but a few of the more resilient among us remained for the camp fire which was being held in the Camp Fire Circle. We were joined by a number of Scouts from other Scout Groups who were camping at Rough Close and by members of Nuneaton North who were also camping at Rough Close and who are also celebrating their Centenary this year. I am not sure whether it was the large numbers of people who were gathered around the camp fire, or whether it was the presence of North & Bedworth, that scared them off, but  the organisers of the fire got ‘cold feet’  and didn’t make an appearance. It fell upon Rob from North and I  to step into the breach and lead what turned out to be an impromptu but very memorable  camp fire for everyone who was assembled. Be Prepared is our motto and on that night North & Bedworth were prepared , just as we have been for the last hundred years,

After the camp fire the rest of our hardy day visitors left for home, but it wasn’t all over yet. Around fifty members including Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Leaders were set to stay at Rough Close and enjoy a weekend of traditional Scouting activities until Monday afternoon. Everyone enjoyed exploring the woods, wide games , orienteering, traditional wood fire cooking, camp fire songs and yarns and lots of other activities. Many of the youngsters earned Activity Badges, including the Beavers who were among the first Beavers in the Country to earn the new Beaver Camp Craft Badge.

There has been lots of great feedback from this camp.  The event  was made possible by the contributions  of a great team of people who planned the event, ran the activities , prepared the food , and did all those numerous other jobs that make an event like this a great success. I would personally like to thank every single one of them  for making our first major event of our Centenary Year such a memorable occasion. To quote Ralph Reader “These are the times that we will dream about and we’ll  call them the good old days” . Never a truer word

I think the final word on this camp should go to Nattasha who is a Cub in Walton Pack.

“This was the best camp ever. Because I had a really good time. I really enjoyed the wide games. Centenary day was great because I really enjoyed the twists we made with woody and paddy. And I really enjoyed all the inflatables, because on one game I didn’t get knocked off, you know on the wrecking ball. And the big slide was really fun. And the bucking bronco was great fun. But I enjoyed camping over and sleeping in a tent together with the other girl cubs. And this was my first camp as a Cub Scout. Thank you woody for investing me, and thank you Matt for planning all the activities on the Saturday”

Thank you, this was the BEST camp EVER”


Well I think that says it all – Don’t you ?



Group Scout Leader


Success In District Cub Quiz

Here is a report from Akela Max  about 1st Bedworth’s success in the recent Cub District Quiz.

Thursday 14th November was a great night, It was Nuneaton District Cub’s Quiz which was held at 1st Nuneaton’s (Attleborough) Scout Headquarters. Each Pack in the District could enter a team of six  Cubs. 1st Bedworth’s team was Emma, Hannah, Rose, Katie, Jake & Destiny,

 The subjects included general knowledge, sport, Scouting, foods . music and several other topics. Seven teams in total took part and I am happy to say that 1st Bedworh came joint first with Weddington Cubs. This meant that along with Weddington we would have the honour of representing Nuneaton District in the Warwickshire County Cub Quiz.

I  am  so proud that 1st Bedworth had made It through to the County Quiz which was held at Rugby Scout Headquarters on Saturday 21st November. The team had arrived at the venue before I got there and they had  come up with their team name already.  ‘Max’s Stars’ were ready to rock and roll. Nine teams took part in the County Quiz and there were ten rounds with ten questions in each round. Topics included music, Scouting, Famous people,general knowledge, entertainment, spot the difference, space & science. Though we didn’t win the quiz I am very proud of ‘Max’s Stars’. I am hoping that we can win next year’s District Quiz so that we can represent Nuneaton at next year’s County Quiz in Stratford Upon Avon.

Everyone at 1st Bedworth is also very proud of ‘Max’s Stars’ Well done Cubs – A  great effort.

Scout Film Making Weekend

From Friday 31st May to Sunday 2nd June 2013 twelve Scouts enjoyed a film making weekend. The weekend was organised by Luke , normally known by everyone as ‘Atko’ . The target for the weekend was for the Scouts to produce a short film which would have it’s premiere on Sunday afternoon before the Scouts went home. This would be quite a task even for professionals but could it be achieved by a group of youngsters with no previous experience.

All aspects had to be thought out, planned and executed in less than forty eight hours. The Screenplay had to be written, auditions held for the main roles, props and costumes had to be made, all of the technical positions such as Camerman, Grips , First Assistant Director had to be filled and of course there was a need to rehearse. All of this had to be done at the Scout Hut on Friday night before everyone headed of to Beaudesert Scout Camp on Saturday morning for location shooting. All of the shooting had to be completed on Saturday so that the whole movie could be edited on Sunday.

The youngsters were magnificent and rose to the challenge. ‘Atkko’ who has worked with professionals said that they were one of the best groups he had ever worked with. They met their targets and the eight minute film was premiered on the Sunday as planned. All of the Scouts concerned gained a well deserved Photographer or Advanced Photographer badge. All of the Scouts and ‘Atko’ want to make a sequel next year. Eat your heart out Spielberg!

There follows a report by Melanie who was one of the Scouts on the weekend. She has titled the report ‘Zombie Camp’ as this is what the weekend became known as once it was decided to make a Zombie film

Zombie Camp

On Friday evening 12 Scouts arrived at the hut ready for a movie making weekend.

First Acko sorted out what jobs that needed to be done, all of the girls took up the jobs of costumes and makeup whilst the boys took on jobs like camera man, or props manager..

Devon and I were told to start making some fake blood for the movie, getting it to the correct colour.  After that we tested out the effects on Shaun.

Following all the preparation we had some free time and then were told to get good nights sleep as we had a busy day ahead.

Saturday, following breakfast , we headed off to Beaudesert ready to start filming.  At Beau the camera men got the cameras ready and the props team set up their props, and we were ready for the first shoot. After a while it was finally time to make up the zombies ready for filming, some actors co-operated with makeup whilst others were ticklish.  After a rehearsal it was time to film the Zombie scene, this took several attempts at filming from all different angles with pauses for makeup touch up.

Once all the daytime outdoor filming was complete we headed back to the hut for tea and to wait for dark to be able to film the last two scenes.  It never did get quite dark enough so we had to hold up long lengths of black cloth to get a better effect.

Once all the filming was complete we had the usual tradition of a ghost story form Woody.

Sunday morning we all had a go at editing different section of the film and by just after lunch we had a movie ready to show.

If you would like to view please pick up a slip with the link from the Scout HQ

Sequel to follow next year!



Thank you Melanie for a great report if you are not able to get up to our Scout Hut and pick up a slip with the link to watch the movie please email and we will send you details of how you can view the film.