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Not able to attend ?

All Beavers, Cubs , Scouts & Explorers are expected to attend their Colony, Pack, Troop or Unit   meeting night each week, unless they have good reason to be excused. Whenever a  youngster  is going to miss a meeting night it is important that their  Section Leader is contacted  before the start of the meeting by telephone, text message or email.

The address to email is for all sections

The mobile numbers to call or text are as follows:

Monday Beavers – Charlie – 07453 008308

Tuesday Beavers – Sam – 07519 959597

Thursday Beavers – Dan – 07964 786280

Tuesday & Thursday Cubs – Maxine (Akela) – 07736 320340

Tuesday (Girl) Scouts – Ann-marie – 07850 096360

Wednesday (Lads) Scouts – Woody – 07710 113291

Explorers – Meeky – 07585 709922

Please remember that the weekly ‘subs’ of £2 must still be paid whether or not the Beaver, Cub, Scout or Explorer attends.



The Swirl Of The Pipes

Andrew who is one of  our Cub parents is a Piper. In full regalia he kindly  visited both of our Cub Packs and the Cubs had a great night. Andrew played the pipes and talked about the pipes and his regalia. Ben who is a Cub in our Hopkins (Tuesday night) Cub Pack wrote us this report about Andrew’s visit.

When Andrew came in with his Bagpipes he started out with playing a tune and it was beautiful. As he explained about the pipes he showed us how to play them and even let us have a go. Most people went bright red. When he talked about the weapons he carried, Andrew let us touch them. The Cubs liked this and it was a great experience for the Cubs and the Leaders, it was fun I enjoyed it

Thank you Ben for your report. We would all like to thank Andrew for his visits. He gave the Cubs an experience that I am sure they will remember for a long while to come.

Haddon Scouts Climb To New Heights

This years Scout Challenge Day took place in Nuneaton Town Centre on Saturday 13th April. A climbing wall was set up outside Wilkinsons and teams of Scouts were challenged  to see how many times they could climb up the wall and descend again in their 80 minute time slot.

The girls from Haddon Troop completed a magnificient 67 climbs to win the Trophy. The runners up were 1st Bulkington who completed 59 climbs. The lads from 1st Bedworth Wilson came 5th with 52 climbs.

The wall was operated by the B.R.A.T’s (Beduff Roped Activities Team) from 1st Bedworth who did a great job in keeping the activity running safely and without a break.

Collectively all of the teams on the day achieved  549 climbs, which amounted to 3,294 metres. It means that between them they climbed higher than Hockenhorn, which is in the Alps in Switzerland and stands at 3,293 metres.

Darren Keach, the Assistant District Commissioner for Scouts who organised the activity, was delighted with how the day went. He said: “It was an absolutely fantastic day and I was so pleased with how it went. The scouts all loved it and want me to organise a climbing day again. The challenge was really hard, and I was surprised how high they all reached.”



Scout Super Troop Challenge

From the evening of Friday 9th November until dinner time on Sunday 11th November the  Scout Super Troop Challenge was held at the Scout Hut. This is an annual event between Haddon (Tuesday) Girls  and Wilson (Wednesday) Boy’s  Troop. This is a fiercely fought for Trophy which until last year had always been won by Haddon Troop. Last year though a boys  team won the Trophy for the first time.

Nicholas who is currently a Cub Scout in Walton (Thursday) Pack took part on this activity as part of his ‘Link’ to the Troop has written us this report’

“This was first camp as a Scout and I was very excited and nervous, but really looking forward to it.We arrived at the scout hut for 7pm on the Friday night and were put into patrols, there were two  patrols from Wilson Troop, yellow and Green and one patrol from Haddon troop.

We planned our menu for the weekend and then made a shopping list. Two members from each patrol went to Tesco with some leaders to buy the food. When the food came back we cooked supper for ourselves and the leaders. After that we turned in for the night.

 We woke on Saturday morning and cooked breakfast, again for ourselves and the leaders. After breakfast we started doing team based challenges like lining up in age order without talking, moving a hula hoop around the team whilst holding hands, and a fun first aid based challenge. We then made lunch for ourselves and the leaders again. After lunch we had to collect wood for a fire, then we had a fire lighting challenge. Once the fires were lit and going well we had to cook dinner on the fires. After dinner we were taken to a drop of point and hiked back to Scout  Hut in the dark. This was the first time I have done this and was a bit scary but funny as well.  It was good that most of the other scouts on my team had done this before. My group were the second team to leave and first team to get back. When got back to the scout hut we watched a movie and then went to bed.

On Sunday morning Woody woke us up nice and early so we could have breakfast, get washed and changed and packed away ready for parade. After parade when we got back to the hut we told who had won and it was my patrol (only just as it was very close on the scores) and we were presented with a medal and the supertroop trophy.

Thanks for the report Nicholas and we are glad you enjoyed the event. As you can see from the report the boys were successful in retaining the Trophy.

District Cub Scout Quiz

On Thursday 8th November we entered two teams into the District Cub Scout Quiz. Akela Maxine has kindly written us a report on this event.

The event was held at 1st Nuneaton’s Scout Headquarters, Joe, Emma, Hollie , Ryan, Rhys and Nicole represented Hopkins (Tuesday ) Pack . Emma, Joe, Joseph, Spencer, Paul and Hannah represented Walton (Thursday) Pack. There were five rounds of questions including  Science,  Food & Sport. There was also the  Famous Faces Picture round which we always have each year. Everyone who took part had a great night and the event was enjoyed by all. Our two teams were very successful and the both earned joint second place. Congratulation to 1st Bulkington Pack who won the event. Our  two teams and Bulkington’s teams will now represent Nuneaton District in the County Quiz. I was very proud of everyone who took part and I would like to thank everyone who was involved with the organisation of this event.