Parents Satisfaction Survey

In October 2014 all Parents were invited to take part in a Parent’s Satisfaction Survey. We had a great response with 42% of parents responding. We would like to thank everyone who responded for taking ‘time out’ from their busy schedule to share their thoughts with us. Your input is greatly appreciated and will be  extremely valuable in helping us to continue to develop the Group and assist us in continuing to deliver a quality programme for our members, and to develop our facilities and services.

Of the Parent’s who responded to our survey:

91%  agreed that the evening programme ‘always’ or ‘mostly’ provided adventurous and challenging activities for their youngsters

99%  said they would consider sending their youngster on camps

100% agreed that the price we charge for additional activities is good value for money

100% agreed that the £2.00 we charge weekly is good value for money

91% confirmed that they were very happy with the Leadership Team and the other 9% said the team was OK

This is a positive endorsement of all we do and the whole  Team thank you very much for your support.

You can download the full survey results here

But we do not rest on our laurels. We are always seeking ways to improve. We have tried to take  all of your comments onboard  and we are working  hard to improve the areas where you have  made suggestions.

Some of the areas where we have already taken action, or are working on solutions are:


We have introduced quizzes and competitions and increased the amount of supervision in the room to improve behaviour before Cub meetings start.

All sections are now doing more advanced planning and preparation to limit the amount of time that youngsters wait for activities to start.

We have always had a strict anti-bullying policy but we have  reviewed our procedures, as it would appear that a very small minority of youngsters have had problems. We have introduced ‘The Box’ which is situated in the foyer in which members and parents are encouraged to post a note drawing our attention to any concerns or suggestions they may have. We are always available to listern to any member or parents concerns.

Camping , Activities &  Family Camp

We had already booked the site for Family Camp this year , but we are trying hard to find a new venue for  next year. We are ‘shaking up’ the programme format  at Family Camp this year to make it a little different

We are looking at ways to enable youngsters to raise money towards the cost of their activities and camps. We already have a number of ‘Bag Packing Days’ planned for the Scouts and Explorers. We are also looking for ideas that would be suitable for Beaver & Cubs and we are open to any suggestions.

Information & Communications

We have upgraded our website and it is now updated weekly as a minimum

Our Facebook page is now updated weekly as a minimum. At the start of each week we list all activities that are taking place during the week. If there are any last minute changes they will also be posted to Facebook.

We are in the process of designing and producing a ‘Who’s Who’ board to be displayed in the foyer of the Scout Hut.

We are continuing to produce quarterly newsletters and emailing out information and updates to everyone for whom we have a current email address.

Leadership Team

We are really trying not to be grumpy even when we have had a bad day at work.

The Scout Hut.

The flooring was mentioned by a number of respondents. We are actively looking at all viable options, but we are restricted by the funds we have available and difficulties in leveling the floor which rules out some options which might otherwise be available. We are confident that we will have a solution within the next three months and then we will urgently carry out the necessary work.

We are working on the corridors. We have installed wooden panelling in the main hall and we are redecorating.

We are currently refurbishing the kitchen and we now have hot water ‘on tap’ in the the kitchen.

We will have hot water installed in the toilets within the next six months.

We are looking for volunteers to form a maintenance team and we are drawing up an annual maintenance plan

We have improved ventilation and installed air fresheners

We would be very interested to hear any comments you may have resulting from this survey or our response. Please talk to us at the Scout Hut, Put your comments in ‘The Box’ in the foyer of the Scout Hut. Call or text ‘Woody’ on 07710 113291 , or Richard on 07516 510146, or email





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