Point to Point – A great success

On Saturday 20th June 1st Bedworth had the privilege of organising the District Scout Point to Point. Andy Clarke volunteered to head the organising team and what a great job he did! Andy was well supported by a large number of adults from 1st Bedworth both before the event and on the day demonstrating the sort of teamwork that makes 1st Bedworth the successful Scout Group it is. On the day the 1st Bedworth team was joined by a number of Leaders from some of the other groups in Nuneaton District who made a big contribution to the success of the event on the day.

Six teams entered the event, two of which were from 1st Bedworth.  Despite some interesting  navigational decisions from some of the teams and some very challenging weather conditions all of the teams covered most of the 8.5 km route, completing a number of challenges on the route.

The icing on the cake for the 1st Bedworth Leaders was that our team from Haddon Troop (girls) won the event and Wilson’s team (lads) were third placed. Well done both teams ‘you did 1st Bedworth proud’


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