Adults aged 18 yrs to 25yrs – Male or Female


When do Network meet?

1st Bedworth’s Network Unit usually meets on a Monday night. The time and frequency of the meetings varies according to the availability of the members and the activities being undertaken. Many of the Network members also assist with the Beaver, Cub, Scout or Explorer Sections.

How much does  Network cost?

Network Subs are £2.50 per month , but those Network members who assist with Beavers, Cubs , Scouts or Explorers do not pay.

What do Networkers  do?

Network Scouts enjoy lots of social activities and have the opportunity to take part in challenging adventurous activities.  In addition to the Scout Associations own training and award scheme, 1st Bedworth also offers the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. The programme includes a wide selection of activities with the emphasis on Social, the outdoors and adventure . Network Scouts are encouraged to work with the Beaver, Cub , Scout or Explorer sections of the Group. Networkers who take up this opportunity undertake leadership training..

 What do Networkers wear?

As with the other sections of 1st Bedworth Network Scouts wear uniform on formal occasions and when assisting with the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts or Explorers.

* A smart stone coloured shirt,

* Royal blue necka’

* Black or dark grey trousers,

* Black, navy blue or dark grey socks,

* Black boots or shoes.

The shirt is available from us and costs £24. The necka’ is presented free when the Networker is invested.


Interested in joining?

If you would like further information  email  or call Woody 0n 07710113291.