Month: February 2015

Bag Packing at ASDA Nuneaton

On Sunday 22nd February Scouts, Explorers and Adults from 1st Bedworth were out in force to bag pack at the ASDA Store in Nuneaton. The colleagues at Nuneaton ASDA were welcoming and friendly and we would like to thank them very much for giving us this opportunity to raise funds  in their store. We are truly grateful  to the generous people of the Nuneaton area who donated a fantastic £1237.66 to our funds. Our founder Lord Baden-Powell expected Scouts to earn the money they need through their own honest efforts. This is a principal which still holds true today and is why you will see Scouts bag packing  rather than holding street collections, though of course we will always assist other worthy causes with their street collections or similar. This is the first of a number of Bag Packs we will be doing this year. Look out for us in Bedworth Tesco on Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th April !

Lighting a Fire

I have chosen lighting a fire as because that is the thing I always look forward to doing! When we look for sticks it’s about who can find the most and the biggest ones. There is always a sense of competition. By the time we finished  collecting sticks there is always a pile of sticks as big as a sky scraper.

We all took it in turns to cut the wood into kindling. This is the main job that people want to do, especially me. We hold the knife downwards and slice into the thick dry wood to make firesticks.

When we light the fire everyone lighting matches right, left & centre but no way would the fire burn. Finally we used cotton wool to set it alight. We all sat down next to the fire and were exstatic to finaly see it alight.

That was the first time we did making fires at Scouts and I loved it.

Joseph M

Abseiling & Cooking

I really love abseiling because of the trill and rush of adrenalin, plus it is really cool and fun. I used to hate it before I tried it but now I really love it. I also like hiking & going on long walks. I like adventurous activities, this is because I love sport/.

I also love cooking because it is so funny when you flip something and the fire alarm goes off and there is smoke. I like cooking on fire because even though you can’t make cakes you can makes loads more yummy things. These are some of the reasons I love going to Scouts.


Immy T-F

Cooking Competition

Cooking is my favourite because I can always improve and I can share it once I am finished. Doing competitions helps to improve skill, speed and knowledge while being fun at the same time. You also van see how others cook and present their food, so you can steal ideas and use them yourself.

You can cook anything from an English Breakfast to Bangers & Mash, even scrambled eggs. I like cooking on camping stoves . WE also cook on wood fires. When I make chocolate banana I give them to my sister.

I would like to make cup cakes from scratch. The way to check that boiling potatoes are cooked is to stab them. If they fall of the fork they are cooked ! I love pancakes with golden syrup and lemon juice then rolled up and eaten.

At Scouts we often have noodles or pasta to cook & eat. This is why I like these activities.

Jessica B

Pot Holing

My favourite activity is pot holing. It’s dark and nobody can see anything. It is also really wet and you have to work as a team to navigate your way through the tunnels to find the start again. I like this activity because people easily get lost, and if you have not torch you would have no change of finding anything, including the rest of your team.

One time I went pot holing we searched for glowsticks in the dark. It builds your team skills and helps you to get to know your patrol. You have to squeeze through tight spaces and some of them are not at ground level which makes it harder and more interesting because some of your team struggle to get through.

Faith H


Abseiling & Cooking

Abseiling is my favourite activity at Scouts because it’s really fun. When I was little I hated heights but after I went rock climbing with Scouts I got over my fear. I found that I wanted to do abseiling and crate stacking. I soon found that I likes to do a lot of adventurous activities which are exciting and daring. When abseiling you go down backwards. That’s why abseiling is my favourite activity.

Cooking is another favourite Scout activity because it is a fun and skillful activity, which is a valuable skill for life. I like to cook at homebut can’t do it very often, so I love to do it at Scouts. I always love going to Scouts.

Nicole M

Cooking on Fires

My favourite activity is cooking on fires because I like to try new things. Another reason why I like cooking is because I would like to be a cook. I think that cooking on fires tastes better than in an oven. Cooking is a good skill to have because it will help you in later life. On fires we have cooked sausages , potatoes, fish, pizza and much more to, We have used fires several times but now thanks to cooking on fires I will eat a lot more at home.

Whenever we do coking i get excited because it is my favourite activity. There are several ways to start a fire, such as using flint & steel, rubbing two sticks together or even using matches !

Rose M


My favourite activity is canoeing because you get a bit wet. I liked it when we canoed from Bedworth to Nuneaton.  We did a game where we all got out from our boats and we had to stand on our boats. If you fell of you would have to start all over again.  I went in two different  boats, one was called a canoe and the other was called a kayak. We went on a canoe safari and we stopped off and had a barbeque. One person from the girls group and one person from the boys fell into the horrid dirty water and it was fun.

I struggled to get  to the side when a boat came and i crashed into a bit of a boat and then we carried on. It was a super experience which I enjoyed very much. I will go again but I will make sure I am in a kayak not a canoe

Libby T



Christmas Food

My favourite Scout time was when we made Christmas food. We made snowmen out of marsh mellows , icing & smarties, which were delicious. We also made snowman sup which was made out hot chocolate, marsh mellows and flake. We put the stuff in a bag and sealed it , then we stuck a candy cane on the front.

We also made things that looked like Christmas puddings that turned out amazing. We got some chocolate and broke it up and then put it into the microwave. When it had melted we tipped it into rice crispies and mixed. We made them into balls and put them in the fridge. We waited a while and started to make the icing which was white and place it on top of the rice crispy cake and put a cherry on top,

We also made Christmas cards. I made an Elf hat and eyes. I also used the glitter glue. I wrote it to my mum and dad.

Amy-May O

Winter Camp

I have chosen Winter Camp to write about. I enjoyed going to Bradgate Park and seeing the dear there. I thought the walk there was nice, getting to see the community. Later we went back to camp. We played a game where we  did tasks to earn fake money that we could but magazines and other items with. I played card games with my room mates in our free time. Breakfast and dinner were delicious. It was certainly a memorable camp.

George H