Month: May 2016

Contact from upstate New York

Ashley who is a volunteer at a youth centre located in upstate New York near Albany it’s capital , contacted us.  Ashley works with a very special group of children! With Spring upon them and Summer on it’s way, they are preparing an open house barbecue picnic for the parents of all their students! The youngsters in Ashley’s group are involved in making the event a success and while looking for information they came across our Group Website.

Sara, who is one of Ashley’s students brought in an article for Ashley to see, with all kinds of barbecue tips when preparing and cooking food outdoors. Ashley  suggested that Sara should share this with us, not only because of all great tips, but because knowing how to prepare food in the wilderness is a great survival skill. Here is the article –

Ashley asked us to add this link to her article on our web page, which we were happy to do (see our Links Page), Ashley said that the whole group will be so excited to see  the link . Ashley also promised the whole group a barbecue pizza day if we added the link. Hey kids out there in upstate New York it looks like you are in for a pizza.