Activities for week commencing Monday 3rd January

Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers are meeting this week. Please make sure you read the important information.

Activities for week commencing Monday 3rd January

Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers are meeting this week. Please make sure you read the important information.


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Beavers are not meeting this week.


Cubs are not meeting this week.


Scouts need to wear a face covering during their meeting

An important message to parents & guardians

We encourage Scouts to show independence and be responsible for themselves wherever possible and appropriate. It is therefore really important that you encourage your youngster to read this update every week, so that they can ‘Be Prepared’ on their Troop Night. We greatly appreciate your support with this.

A competition for all Scouts

To all Scouts, read through this update so you can ‘Be Prepared’ and also have the chance of earning some ‘Scout of the Month’ points. Somewhere randomly placed in this update is an Italian phrase. Find the phrase and translate it into English, you can use google translator or any similar tool. Write the word down on a piece of paper  together with the English translation and hand it in at the start of Troop night this week. Don’t forget to put your own name on the piece of paper. Your will get 5 points for the phrase and an extra 5 points for the correct English translation.

This week at Scouts

Please remember to wear a face covering unless you are medically exempt.

Have you ever wondered why we wear a necka and what its uses are or what our badges mean? You will find out at Troop night this week.

Important – next week at Scouts

Next week at Scouts you will be able to earn your Hobbies Badge. You will need to do a little preparation so we are giving you a ‘heads up’ There are two options for passing this badge.

Option 1 – If you have been collecting something such as coins, stamps, football cards , model cars, or anything similar for at least 4 months bring along a sample of your collection to Troop Night next week. You will need to show your Patrol your collections and talk to them about it and answer their questions.

Option 2 – If you have another Hobby such as model making, lego building, craftwork or anything similar and have been doing it for at least 4 months, bring along some examples of your work, tools you use or similar. You will need to give a short talk about your hobby to your patrol and answer their questions.

If you already have the Scout Hobbies Badge you can earn a second badge providing it is a different collection or skill the the one you used previously.

If you have any questions about what you need to do, or any help or advice then ask a leader at Troop Night this week or email [email protected]

Other important information

It is important that everyone wears full and correct uniform, Please remember that the uniform rules are the same for both girls and boys. Black, dark grey or navy socks and black smart footwear are compulsory uniform wear for all Scouts. Please remember that uniform shirts must be worn tucked into trousers. Leggings or very tight trousers are not correct uniform.

Please make sure you wear a t-shirt under your uniform shirt. If you wish to change out of your uniform trousers after flag break then please make sure that you are wearing a pair of shorts under your uniform trousers and you bring some old trousers to change into.

If the footwear you are wearing with your uniform is unsuitable for activities then please bring along some more suitable footwear to change into after flag break.

We may be working outside during the meeting so please make sure you have some warm & waterproof clothing to wear during the night.

Don’t forget to bring along a bottle filled with water or a suitable non-fizzy drink.

You need to bring along a backpack to put your drinks bottle, warm clothes, essere preparata and similar in.

Please remember that mobile phones are not allowed at Scouts. It is best that you leave your mobile at home. If you feel you must bring your mobile with you it must be turned off and put in your backpack or daysac, as soon as you come through the gate. It must remain in your bag until you have gone through the gate at the end of the meeting. If you break this rule, you will be put on fatigues, no excuses will be accepted. We cannot accept any responsibility if your mobile is lost or damaged in any way.

Scouts parent/carer rota

We’re asking all parents/carers to commit to volunteering at least 1 night every 6 months at a meeting with their child.

To volunteer an evening please book in here.

Can we remind everyone please that it is really important to let us know if Scouts are going to be absent from their meeting night. To tell us know either email [email protected] or text 07710113291 before the start of the meeting.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at [email protected]


Explorers are not meeting this week.

All members should have received an email from [email protected] with more information. If you have not received the information please check your junk folder. If there are any problems, concerns or you do not have an email from us, please get in touch at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to help.

Interested in helping out? Find out more information about volunteering here.