Remembrance Day Parade 2021

When and where
We're meeting at the Scout Hut at 10am. The hut will be open from 9:45am.

Remembrance Day Parade 2021

Date & time

14th November 2021 10:00 am to 12:30 pm


Scout Hut

When and where

We’re meeting at the Scout Hut at 10am. The hut will be open from 9:45am.

For those attending Church, pick up at 12:30pm from the front of Bedworth Ex Servicemens Social Club.

The plan

We’ll be parading from the Bedworth Ex Servicemens Social Club to the Cenotaph. We will then be walking to Church for the service. After the service we will then be parading back to Bedworth Ex Servicemens Social Club.

In Church

Usually it is very busy inside the church on Remembrance Day, therefore it will be a challenge to maintain social distancing while in the service.

While we would like to encourage everybody to attend the church service, if you/your youngster does not feel comfortable then please let us know that you’ll be collecting them after the Cenotaph.

All Scouts, Explorers and Adults must wear a face covering inside the church unless they are medically exempt. 


Full & correct uniform must be worn and please make an extra special effort to ensure that uniforms are complete and especially smart. Beavers need to wear full & correct uniform including black, navy blue or dark grey ‘school’ trousers and plain black footwear. It is likely to be cold and as we will only be wearing coats if it is raining, it’s important therefore to wear extra layers of clothing under the uniform. Gloves can be worn if they are dark coloured.

Everyone is asked to wear a poppy.

Beavers & anybody not attending the church service

Pick up will be at 11:15am-ish from the Cenotaph.