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25th World Scout Jamboree – South Korea

If you were born between 22/07/05 and 31/07/09 you could be one of the 45 Scouts from Warwickshire who will join with thousands of Scouts from all over the world for the 25th World Scout Jamboree being held in South Korea during the first two weeks of August in 2023.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The cost of this jamboree has not yet been fixed, but purely as a guide the cost of the last jamboree held in the U.S.A. was £3550.

The cost shouldn’t be a bar though to any Scout who wants to take part. There are various funding sources to help with costs and 1st Bedworth will support you with fundraising if your are lucky enough to be selected for the Warwickshire Contingent. If you would like to know what it is like to take part on a World Jamboree then speak to Jess B or Zara Richards who attended the last jamboree in the U.S.A.

Registration for the Jamboree is not yet open, but in the coming weeks there will be an information night held where parents/careers and Scouts/ Explorers will be told all of the details of this exciting event.

We will keep this activity updated with the latest information.

Explorer Back to Basics 2021

Join us for a great experience of traditional scout camping on our Back to Basics Camp!


This camp is open to all Explorers in the group.

When & where?

We’ll be camping at Rough Close Scout Campsite, Tile Hill, Coventry.

The price includes all food, camp fees and activities. It does not include transport.


We’re not able to transport Explorers to and from this camp so we’re asking parents/carers to drop off and pick up Explorers.


Activities will include cooking on wood fires, shelter building and hammock camping.

How do I pay?

Scout Activity Camp 2021

After 18 months or so the Scouts finally have a chance to enjoy an overnight activity.


This camp is open to all Scouts in the group. We have an upper limit of 20 Scouts on this camp, places being allocated upon payment of the £25 camp fee. Please do not hesitate to speak to a leader if you have any questions or concerns about this camp, or if you have any difficulty in making payment.

When & where?

On Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th September we will be camping overnight at Rough Close Scout Activity Centre near Tile Hill, Coventry. The camp will run from 9am on Saturday through to 4pm on Sunday. The cost of the camp is £25 which includes food, site fees and all activities.

The price includes all food, site fees and all activities. It does not include transport.


Unfortunately we cannot provide transport for this camp so parents or carers will need to arrange transport to and from Rough Close.


As well as camping overnight in tents and enjoying the other usual camp activities such as wide games, wood fire cooking, skill training and such like, we also will be enjoying four of the ‘onsite’ activities: Pedal car racers, Traversing wall, Crate Climbing, bp and the Cave Bus.

This is going to be a great camp with lots of fun & adventure.

How do I pay?

Cubs and Axes

At the end of May our Cubs learnt how to use Axes safely and then how to throw some!


Here are some pictures of our Cubs learning how to use axes safely.

And a few pictures of our Cubs throwing axes!


Well done Cubs and a big thank you to all of the Leaders who help keep the nights safe and very fun!

Cubs Shelter Building!

This week our Cubs put in some amazing effort building shelters at the hut!

They were encouraged to be creative and all of our Cub Leaders were very impressed with not only the effort but each and everyone’s behaviour and helpfulness towards each other.

See what you think to their efforts…

All of our Cub Leaders are very proud of you, well done!

Beaver Activity Morning

Our first activity back with Beavers is going to be packed with activities!

We’re going to be splitting into three groups and you’ll all get the chance to do some cooking on fires, den building and archery.

This activity morning is open to all Beavers.

Can you please make sure you arrive at the Scout hut by 9:55am so that you’re in time for a briefing before the start of the night. Please social distance up to the gate, where you will be told what bubble you’re in.


There is a lot of important information that we will share with you by email.

Please can you make sure you have read all of the information and completed all of the forms required in order for us to welcome you back safely.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Cubs Local Knowledge Badge

This week our Cubs completed the…

…Local Knowledge Activity Badge!

Cubs Local Knowledge Activity Badge

The Cubs learnt about the Bedworth Coat of Arms and how it was formed from many parts of the local area.

Bedworth Coat of Arms

We also learnt about some of the famous people that were born in Bedworth.

George Elliot (Mary Anne Evans), Pete Doherty and Nick Skelton to name a few!

To bring out their creativity we asked our Cubs to design some posters to show parts of Bedworth and to promote the town, as always the Cubs did fantastic.

See what you think!

Miners Wheel and Soldiers

Miners wheel, coal, Alms Houses, Bricks and a poppy

Alms houses, bricks and soldiers

Miners cart in Bedworth Miners Park

Poster of site seeing land marks in Bedworth


Poster advertising Bedworth with landmarks, old culture and facts

Well done Cubs!