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Cub Winter Camp 2021

Come and join us for our annual Winter Camp!

We’ve got a fun filled educational day at the Black Country Museum learning about the local history followed by a trip to the fun station arcade with prepaid tokens for cubs to enjoy. We will have lots of games and activities at the hut as well as a trip to the park weather permitting.

Beaver Winter Camp 2021

Come and join us for our annual Beaver Winter Camp!

We’ve two days of fun filled back to basics inspired activities including making a huge camp gateway, creating a flag, camp fires, shelter building, cooking on fires, learning how to use knives and axes and much more!

Scout Strategy Camp 2022

Strategy is a multi-activity challenge hike consisting of 30 bases of varying difficulty and complexity set around our 3,000 acre site. The event will be held at Cirencester Park. Activities will also include a talent show, disco, competitions and some fun events.

Remembrance Day Parade 2021


Full & correct uniform must be worn and please make an extra special effort to ensure that uniforms are complete and especially smart. Beavers need to wear full & correct uniform including black, navy blue or dark grey ‘school’ trousers and plain black footwear. It is likely to be cold and as we will only be wearing coats if it is raining, it’s important therefore to wear extra layers of clothing under the uniform. Gloves can be worn if they are dark coloured.

Everyone is asked to wear a poppy.

Drop off and pick up

Drop off and pick up from the Scout Hut. The hut will be open from 9:45am.

Explorer Back to Basics 2021

Join us for a great experience of traditional scout camping on our Back to Basics Camp!


This camp is open to all Explorers in the group.

When & where?

We’ll be camping at Rough Close Scout Campsite, Tile Hill, Coventry.

The price includes all food, camp fees and activities. It does not include transport.


We’re not able to transport Explorers to and from this camp so we’re asking parents/carers to drop off and pick up Explorers.


Activities will include cooking on wood fires, shelter building and hammock camping.

How do I pay?