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25th World Scout Jamboree – South Korea

If you were born between 22/07/05 and 31/07/09 you could be one of the 45 Scouts from Warwickshire who will join with thousands of Scouts from all over the world for the 25th World Scout Jamboree being held in South Korea during the first two weeks of August in 2023.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The cost of this jamboree has not yet been fixed, but purely as a guide the cost of the last jamboree held in the U.S.A. was £3550.

The cost shouldn’t be a bar though to any Scout who wants to take part. There are various funding sources to help with costs and 1st Bedworth will support you with fundraising if your are lucky enough to be selected for the Warwickshire Contingent. If you would like to know what it is like to take part on a World Jamboree then speak to Jess B or Zara Richards who attended the last jamboree in the U.S.A.

Registration for the Jamboree is not yet open, but in the coming weeks there will be an information night held where parents/careers and Scouts/ Explorers will be told all of the details of this exciting event.

We will keep this activity updated with the latest information.

Explorer Back to Basics 2021

Join us for a great experience of traditional scout camping on our Back to Basics Camp!


This camp is open to all Explorers in the group.

When & where?

We’ll be camping at Rough Close Scout Campsite, Tile Hill, Coventry.

The price includes all food, camp fees and activities. It does not include transport.


We’re not able to transport Explorers to and from this camp so we’re asking parents/carers to drop off and pick up Explorers.


Activities will include cooking on wood fires, shelter building and hammock camping.

How do I pay?

Explorer Canoe Challenge at 5 Ways Lakes

What to wear & bring with you

All safety and specialist equipment will be provided. Please wear light clothing. If the weather is warm a T shirt, shorts and an old pair of pumps or trainers will be ideal. If it is a bit colder or windy trackie bottoms may be better than shorts and a lightweight waterproof top would be handy. It is essential that everyone wears an old pair of trainers or pumps these will get very wet.

Drop off and Pick Up arrangements

This activity is taking place on an operational caravan & camping park by kind permission of the site owners Karen & Paul Merchant. There will be customers on site and it is vital that everyone follows the arrangements below to ensure safety and compliance with both the site’s and our Covid secure policy. Failure by anyone to follow these instructions may result in us being unable to use the site for future activities.

Arrival – Please arrange to arrive between 6.15pm and 6.25pm. Do not enter the site before 6.15pm. Follow the drive to the main car park where you will see a leader by the benches next to the carpark. Please drop off your youngster and wait for the signal from the leader that your youngster has passed the temperature checks and then please immediately leave the site.

Pick Up – Please arrive at site between 8.45pm and 8.55pm, park up in the main car park and remain in your car. The leader will send your youngster over to your car when it is safe to do so.

Please drive slowly on site and follow all instructions from site staff and our leaders.

Rainbows of Positivity

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These are some challenging days and it’s the children like you who have led the way in helping to cheer us all up.

Have you been drawing and painting rainbow pictures to spread a bit of hope and cheer at this difficult time?

If so, please send in your brilliant rainbow pictures to [email protected] so we can share them with the group and make a massive rainbow collage to spread the hope message further. If you haven’t already done one, get creative and make one to add to the collage.