Natasha ‘Gets In’ WISPA

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Natasha ‘Gets In’ WISPA


The Front Page of Wispa

WISPA is our County Scout Newsletter that is posted to every adult member of Scouting in Warwickshire. Natasha who is a Cub in Walton Pack wrote a report on the County ‘Get In’ Camp which was held at Ragley Hall in May. We thought the report was brilliant but we could not feature it on our website at the time as we needed to wait until it had been featured in WISPA first. Obviously we weren’t the only people who thought the report was brilliant as the editor has given her a full page in the August edition. We are proud of Natasha. You can read her report below.

Hi, my name is Natasha and this is my report on Get In camp 2015 for Warwickshire Scouts.

I arrived on site at 7.30pm on Friday the 15th of May and was whisked straight away to meet up with of Nuneaton District gang show to practice for our performance during the opening ceremony.


Natasha’s article in Wispa

After the opening we were all treated to a fireworks display which was really, really good. It was then back to to my groups camping area for supper and bed. On Saturday morning we got up and had breakfast and then it was time to starting having fun doing all the great activities. I went on the all inflatables, my favourites were the rodeo bull and water zorbing. I also had a water wars and got a bit wet, but it was fun. I also had a go at caving, which I thought was scary, but really liked it. Then I had a go on both of the climbing walls, and my favourite wall was the one without the buzzer at the top. I went and had a go at archery and used I a proper bow and arrows and I even got two bullseyes. I visited both the food tent, where I made fruit kebabs, armpit fudge and cooked a pancake on tin can using a candle. and the make it tent where I made a wooden train, pipe cleaner man, wooden snail key ring and peace lantern and a paper plane. When it was our turn to visit the circus, I thought it was really, really funny and my part was the people with the hula hoops. I really liked the campfire and enjoyed very much even though I couldn’t hear much. During the weekend I also played in the adventure playground and had loads of fun in there.

On the Sunday morning when back around and did some more of my favourite activities from Saturday. After dinner it was time to get changed into my cub uniform and go to the closing ceremony and go home very tired and very happy from having so much fun over the weekend.

Thank you to everyone who planned the camp and everyone who help the activities. I really enjoyed this camp, and I am already looking forward to the next one.

Natasha, Cub Scout with 1st Bedworth Walton pack. Aged 9.