Cubs Weekly Challenges

Over the past few weeks,…

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Cubs Weekly Challenges

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Over the past few weeks, the Cubs have been set a series of different challenges to do while they are at home.

So far they should have completed:

  1. Plan and cook a simple one course meal
  2. Wash up after dinner
  3. Help sort out the washing – load and unload the washing machine and dryer
  4. Iron at least two items of clothing (socks do not count)
  5. Clean and tidy your bedroom
  6. Clean at least two items in you home eg a sink, toilet, silverware, brass or a kitchen cupboard
  7. Make your bed for a week
  8. Change your bedding – change the duvet cover, sheet and pillowcase
  9. Sew on a button
  10. Build something out of recycled materials


We’d love it if you can send any photos or videos of you completing your challenges to [email protected]!