Centenary Day

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On Saturday 3rd May  over two hundred members, friends and family gathered at Rough Close Scout Campsite near Tilehill  Coventry to celebrate 1st Bedworth Scout Group’s Centenary Day. The weather was perfect with a clear blue sky and all of the activities were in place. After months of  careful planning the special day had finally arrived and everyone was ready for action .

After a brief welcome by Matt the event co-ordinator and  Clive our District Commissioner the fun and action were soon underway. For the energetic there was a giant slide, an inflatable assault course, gun carriage racing and pedal cart racing. Anyone who fancied a bit of rough & tumble could have fun on the Rodeo Bull, Demolition Ball, Gladiator Duel and Sumo Wrestling. The mobile climbing wall, run by our very own Bedworth Roped Activities Team (We will let you work out what they are called for short !) , was kept very busy , also  the more adventurous were able to try their hand at crate stacking. Archery , Beat the Buzzer  and  Airball racing were among the activities that  needed a lot of skill to master but didn’t require any degree of real physical effort, perhaps that’s why they proved so popular with Paddy and many of the other veterans who were present on the day.

More traditional activities were also available. Two of the  most popular of these were the crafts area and  twist making. The crafts were provided by members of our County Active Support  Unit who were described by one of our Beavers as the “Craft Masters’ which I think is a brilliant and well deserved title. For the uninitiated Twists are made from a dough mix which is twisted around a stick or skewer and then cooked over the embers of an open wood fire before finally being enjoyed with jam or chocolate spread.

The activities ran  from 10.00am until 5.00pm with just a short break for a buffet lunch. The lunch  was gallantly prepared by |a group of willing volunteers and one or two others who I believe may have been ‘press ganged’ . I think they were a bunch of heroes, preparing sandwiches for over two hundred people plus  all of the extra little bits that go to make a good buffet is no mean task . I must say they accomplished this with  great aplomb and they have my undying gratitude . When activities ceased at 5.00pm out came the BBQ’s and everyone enjoyed cooking their own food and having a little time to relax.

After the BBQ some of our day visitors headed for home but a few of the more resilient among us remained for the camp fire which was being held in the Camp Fire Circle. We were joined by a number of Scouts from other Scout Groups who were camping at Rough Close and by members of Nuneaton North who were also camping at Rough Close and who are also celebrating their Centenary this year. I am not sure whether it was the large numbers of people who were gathered around the camp fire, or whether it was the presence of North & Bedworth, that scared them off, but  the organisers of the fire got ‘cold feet’  and didn’t make an appearance. It fell upon Rob from North and I  to step into the breach and lead what turned out to be an impromptu but very memorable  camp fire for everyone who was assembled. Be Prepared is our motto and on that night North & Bedworth were prepared , just as we have been for the last hundred years,

After the camp fire the rest of our hardy day visitors left for home, but it wasn’t all over yet. Around fifty members including Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Leaders were set to stay at Rough Close and enjoy a weekend of traditional Scouting activities until Monday afternoon. Everyone enjoyed exploring the woods, wide games , orienteering, traditional wood fire cooking, camp fire songs and yarns and lots of other activities. Many of the youngsters earned Activity Badges, including the Beavers who were among the first Beavers in the Country to earn the new Beaver Camp Craft Badge.

There has been lots of great feedback from this camp.  The event  was made possible by the contributions  of a great team of people who planned the event, ran the activities , prepared the food , and did all those numerous other jobs that make an event like this a great success. I would personally like to thank every single one of them  for making our first major event of our Centenary Year such a memorable occasion. To quote Ralph Reader “These are the times that we will dream about and we’ll  call them the good old days” . Never a truer word

I think the final word on this camp should go to Nattasha who is a Cub in Walton Pack.

“This was the best camp ever. Because I had a really good time. I really enjoyed the wide games. Centenary day was great because I really enjoyed the twists we made with woody and paddy. And I really enjoyed all the inflatables, because on one game I didn’t get knocked off, you know on the wrecking ball. And the big slide was really fun. And the bucking bronco was great fun. But I enjoyed camping over and sleeping in a tent together with the other girl cubs. And this was my first camp as a Cub Scout. Thank you woody for investing me, and thank you Matt for planning all the activities on the Saturday”

Thank you, this was the BEST camp EVER”

Well I think that says it all – Don’t you ?


Group Scout Leader