Scout Digital Maker Camp

Scout Digital Maker Camp

On Saturday 28th March fifteen Scouts arrived at the Scout Hut ready and eager to complete the Digital Maker Stage Two Activity Badge. They were in for a great weekend which involved an overnight stay at the Scout Hut with the badge finishing on Sunday afternoon. This badge has only just been released by ‘Headquarters’ so this was the first time we had tacked the badge. The requirements for the badge are:

  1. Connect two devices and exchange data between them using WiFi,
    Bluetooth or a cable.
  2. Show that you can use two different platforms or operating systems. They could be systems that run different devices such as computers,  tablets, phones or games consoles.
  3. Design a game:
    • Make a cartoon, animation or video of a game using a video camera or other equipment.
    • Create some pseudo code to explain how some parts of your game will work. Pseudo code is an instruction for the computer to follow, but is not written in a specific language.
    • Design a sequence of a game, like a whole level or an in-game puzzle.
  4. Design a single page website. You can use a design tool but writing HTML code would be fine too.
  5. Create a set of instructions for a programmable Robot, turtle or toy to

Under the guidance of Andy & Ryan, who are 1st Bedworth  leaders and who are both I.T, Professionals, the Scouts threw themselves into the challenges that the badge presented. All of the Scouts passed the badge with flying colours.Andy & Ryan were supported by a team of 1st Bedworth Leaders who worked with the Scouts, cooked the food and provided transport for the widegame on Saturday night. Yes you read that right we did have a widegame on Saturday night. Every Scout enjoys a good thrash through the woods so on Saturday night everyone took a break from their computer screens for a trip over to Rough Close Scout Campsite. It was a great weekend and one which we will be sure to repeat .

Here is a report from Ben who was one of the Scouts on the weekend.

When I woke up I was raring to get to the Scout Hut and start this camp. When I arrived I dumped my bag in the small hall and ran next door to find out what we were doing over the next 2 days. We…

    1. Made a website for coding technique.
    2. Made network cables for LAN access. ( A wire connecting to the router giving data to your laptop or computer)
    3. Made a storyboard for a games.
    4. Made psuedo code (pronounced sudo code) for games.
    5. Made a short stop-motion video
    6. Last but not least we used different operating system.

If we were ever stuck we would call over one of the leader and they would help us straight away. All of the leaders made the camp lots of fun to attend.